• Dr. Drake

    Dr. Drake

    I help in understanding feelings and behaviors that don’t make sense and to prevent the past from interfering in the present. Gaining greater control over your life helps stop self- destructive patterns of behavior, leading to real and lasting changes in how you feel about yourself.

  • Adults


    Life transitions, problems in relationships, or at work, may present periods of crises that also can present important opportunities for you to grow and change the things that don't feel right.

  • Couples


    Addressing problems in communication early can make all the difference, but it is never too late to begin to resolve conflict effectively.

  • Adolescents


    These years can be a quagmire of confusion, ambivalent feelings, and self doubt, given all the pressures adolescents face, both internally and externally.

  • Children


    Children often need a safe and neutral place to demonstrate their feelings and thoughts, through play, and with words, in order to be guided back toward the path of healthy development.


You are looking for someone who can listen to you without judgement, someone to help you sort out some of life’s difficulties and unhelpful patterns that can be hard to untangle alone. As a psychotherapist, I have over 30 years’ experience helping people gain relief from painful emotional symptoms and improve personal relationships, become more productive at work, and take greater pleasure from life. I believe it is important to have a safe and private environment to talk things over and feel understood as a unique individual, in order to change lifelong ways of coping that haven’t been working.

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